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Back at last!


Hi guys!
-I lost all priveleges to post or reply around mid September-No clue as to why..Did I step on some toes or what?-If I did it was all deliberate.. c",)
-Good to be back on here. Some developements re. R5A motor. Head and valvegear etc now all finished skimmed 0,1mm One valveguide a little
worn so changed.all else in good nick. Hope this gives me the booth in the derriere I need to get rest sorted and installed in the Roffmobile
All internal parts will be new so hope this will be the end of all griefs and sorrows.

Wasn't even able to send my Christmas and New Years greetings to all of you,so take this opportunity to do so.

-Hope to catch up with all of you in Thenay.Son getting married,so we have 2 days to get to Thenay-shouldn't be a problem if I can get wife to snooze
in the shotgun-seat I guess



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Bedford UK
There was a bit of software in the forum that disabled members without telling anyone when it had notification emails bounce. I turned it off after the other guy affected emailed me saying there was a problem.

Is the Gordini engine not in yet? Careful - you'll end up like me - now about 10 years into the Rodeo project.


Aha -so that was the reason.I thought it odd when I was alloved in again without changing anything.Well,good to be back anyhoo

Yes I am the original procrestinator ,any reason good enough to continue doing nout-especially these days with the snow and cold
bestest seems to be sitting with both feet planted well into the fireplace with a stack of old car mags and some JD in rolling-over
Hope you're all ok in the new year Malcolm -Reid.