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Hello from the Babesmobile


Hi there!

A friend of mine asked me some time ago 'Hey Bruno do you want a 4L?' i asked 'How much?' an the answer was 'No No.. it's for free!, it just needs some repairs', well and after fitting a new water pump and new brake pump it was ready to go. I became an R4 Fan right away. So after the legal stuff and insurance the babesmobile was on the road. I have it for 7 months now. My name is Bruno and i live in Portugal, where many 4L's can be seen all over the country still in good condition. Mine is a 1988 4GTL Spanish made.

picture available (sorry if the picture doesent load it's hosted on my home computer and i turn it off at night (too noisy!))

i have some questions regarding the 4L, and i enjoy a good technical discussion!

Best regards


& Clementine the Cat
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Bedford UK
Hi Bruno, welcome to the forum.

Babesmobile - I like it. :twisted: Hope you don't mind - I copied the picture onto the server so that we can see it when you have gone to bed.

You guys are pretty lucky over in Portugal to have late model Renault 4s that have spent their life in your good climate. Renault 4s stopped being imported into the UK in 1986, and have been rained on constantly ever since.

Looking forward to chatting with you in the forum.