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Zenith Carburetter problems

isle of wight
I have a French LH 845cc 1986 R4 van. I stupidly started taking the carburetter apart this morning to try and clean jets etc as car running so badly, promptly broke float and some lever tube on outside of carb body. It is a Zenith 321F carb. I have been in touch with Carburetter Exchange in Bedfordshire but they have a 12 week waiting list to rebuild. I'm quite happy to replace carb with Solex or another Zenith. Has anyone got a secondhand one I could buy? Thank you Tim Bristow 07836 761541


Not normal for Norfolk
Wymondham Norfolk
Tim I may have both but cannot vouch that they are any better. See my blog ‘What I am doing’ as I fitted a brand new reproduction carb and contrary to many others experiences it’s actually very very good and cheaper than a rebuild