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R4 Restoration

R4 Gordini Restoration

The restoration of a 1967 Renault 4 modified with a R5 Gordini engine and 5 speed gearbox. And you thought you were daft!

Frederick the frog with a starter motor

Technical tips

Frederick the frog demonstrates how to fix common R4 problems, and how to maintain your Renault.


Price and buyers' guides

What to look for in a Renault 4, how much to pay, and what they are like to drive.

Also a little about history and how to find spare parts.

TRenault 5 TX Restoration

Renault 5 TX Restoration

The MK1 Renault 5 was the world's first supermini. It was largely based on the greasy bits from the Renault 4 but had a smaller and lighter body. Rare now so worth restoring.

My cars

My Cars

My Renaults from a TL to an F6 van, many GTLs, and even an elderly 4L.

Features the restoration of Ermintrude the GTL and her tour of Europe.

Citroen 2cv on Plymouth-Banjul rally

Citroen 2cv Adventure

Lucie owned a Citroen 2cv before her Renault 4. She drove it across North Africa and the Sahara desert.


Kent Run 3rd May 2015

4L International 17th to 19th July 2015


Renault 4 forum - latest topics:

Rear window refitting

160mm Quniton Hazell R4, R5 clutch kit 30

Hennessey hot up kit !

Renault 4 GTL 1984 44,0000 mils

1988 950cc engine and gearbox

New Driveshaft knocking

Welding and is it worth seam welding my

Earth lead

Smaller Ducellier Electronic Ignition conversion

950cc engine knocking

Renault 4 50th anniversary meeting

Back by popular demand - Cars (and parts) for sale on eBay

Learning MIG Welding

Learning MIG Welding

Save money on Renault 4 repairs by buying a MIG welder and doing your own welding. The MIG welding website includes a tutorial complete with videos.

The Slow Car Club

The Slow Car Club

Completely standard road going Renault 4s racing against Citroen 2CVs at Santa Pod.

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