Contact Clementine's Renault 4 Garage

I'm very bad at replying to emails, so if you need any car related help then please join the forum and ask there.

Please post on the forum instead of contacting me directly

The forum can be found at

Renault 4 owners around the world hang out there, and most will be able to answer any queries better than I can.

Just find the "register" link and fill in the form. Then you can post by selecting a category (the links on the left side of the forum) and then pressing the "new thread" button. It's all quite safe - you remain completely anonymous - your email address is never published, and I will never pass it on to anyone else.

I'm busy and won't get back to you

At the time of writing I've been working solidly for about a month without a single day off (cry). I'm shorter on time than most for responding to emails.

Me being busy is entirely due to my bad planning at work, but does mean that if you catch me at similarly busy times I will not respond. That includes private messages on the forum too. I will read emails, but they often get buried before I cave a chance to answer them. You've got a better chance using the forum instead:

Problems joining the forum?

If you can't join in with the forum then do contact me and I'll try to fix the problem. Please make it obvious that you are a human. A tactic used by email harvesters is sending an automated email that says something like "I registered on your forum but can't log in" and then they spam whoever replies. I've got wise to that and only reply to emails from people that are obviously human.


My email is

But I normally don't answer questions that should could have been asked on the forum (did I mention that?)

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