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Little bars on the front of the bumper?

jon howell

Hi all,

Quick one, what are those little bars called that go from the bumper to the wing? Like this one?
I need to order one from somewhere but do not even know what they're called ;)
See pic.
Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.54.29 PM.png
In spanish "mataburro"... literally donkey killer...
Whatever they are called don't be tempted to use one for towing purposes
Years ago when R4 were being scrapped not restored I went out to pick up a scrap one which had a flat battery and trying to tow start it I ended up with ripping front wing off which followed me down the road in a shower of sparks ☺
In the Netherlands we call them tonkers.
Because when you hit something with it, only a little bump is enough.
Your front fender says tonk and it is wrecked beyond repair.
They look nice. But it was the first thing I left off my F6 when I replaced the front fenders.
Excellent thanks, I'll look on french ebay :) they do look nice with the original grille..
Does anyone know if these are necessary? Harbourseal you mentioned you left them off when you upgraded… I’m upgrading my R4 - repair, repaint, new chrome bumper etc. - it’s a GTL so my original horns are old gray painted and I don’t think they will look very nice next to the new chrome bumper. I’d like to leave them off but don’t want to compromise anything like safety… I guess their function is not clear to me. Are they just ascetic?

I did have them fill in the mount holes on the doors and will not be replacing the gray plastic strips on the doors. Going for an older look.
They weren't fitted to all models so aren't an essential safety thing. My F4 doesn't have them.
They weren't fitted to all models so aren't an essential safety thing. My F4 doesn't have them.
Hi Malcolm-WHAT? you seriously cheaped-out on your F4... I got a new stainless steel set for Roffen. (who needs 4wd when you have a sexy pair of Love-Handles c".) -Reid
They are handy for manuvering the car in the garage too, and they do give the headlights a bit of protection as well when some idiot in a road-going barge decides to reverse into your beloved 4.