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Don't you love car marketing these days. I had a read of what they had to say - I wondered if it was also appropriate to the Renault 4...

"Built to withstand the rigors of action-packed weekends and road trips" Florence the R4 was great for action packed weekends but did break down once in Koln during a road trip. Ermintrude the R4 burned a valve on a road trip. Maybe the Renault 4 was built only with action packed weekends in mind.

I don't think the luggage compartment of the Renault 4 can be beaten as a "spontaneous activity zone". Assuming that sitting on the edge of the boot having lunch counts as spontaneous. Florence the Renault 4 could create her own spontaneous activities whenever her weak tailgate support gave way during lunch.

I think they are missing the point with their "fearless....body panels". I'd be worried if my body panels were fearless. What if they went out looking for a fight with a 3 tonne off-roader?

I'm with Pieter - I'd have marketed it under the catch phrase "The new Xtremely Big Vehicle - suitable for barge arsed Americans". That would keep the message simple - I should imagine the target market for this vehicle could be easilly confused