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R4 Early Driveshafts


Hi All

I have x2 early R4 Used Driveshafts. Images attached. If interested contact me via the forum. Thanks

Early Driveshaft.JPG Early Driveshaft a.JPG Early Driveshaft b.JPG
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Hi Edwin

I would say late sixties/early seventies. In the early days there were so many types of driveshaft (refer to the Haynes manual to see the array). I cannot pin them down to a specific year. Best to visually match them up with your existing driveshafts. Somebody on the forum might be able to be more specific. Best Wishes
Greetings from Zimbabwe. I am in the middle of the restoration of what I believe is a 1972 845cc R4. The drive shafts are knackered. Are these still available? Where are they?