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R4 van needed cash waiting, anything up to £1500


Le Dazzleur
Hi BNora, I was just wondering what part of Cornwall you are in. Also I know of a chap just north of Bude who was going to sell his 85 F4 van, if you like I could contact him to find out if it is still available. Regards Brian.

Jeepman 1943

Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK
Hi Hoylz,
I have a LHD 845cc (French registered) white F4 van in France. Was considering bringing it back at some point.
I have had it running and driven it around the village, so it's a goer and a good project. Had the brakes up and running with bleeding through, but pedal went to the floor again the next time I went back to it, 3 months later.
Suspect master cylinder, think I have a spare one for it. Paint work is original, but needs a bit of going over.
It needs an ignition elec' problem sorting, but it runs fine with 2 switches I have temporarily fitted!;)
One hinge required for rear lift flap (above rear door).
The original seats were just about wrecked, but reworkable if you wanted originality, but I had obtained some 1/2 leather seats I am part way through adapting to fit (really comfy and practical).
Carte Gris was never presented, but I have a receipt from the retailer, which he insisted would suffice if I wanted to register it in France. From previous experience, registering in UK is very simple compared with in France, with or without doc's! In general, van is very solid and worth the effort, engine and box are excellent.
ALSO: I drove a Land Rover back from France that had been stood 8 years!!
Once insured, it is legal in france if English registered, but once you get to UK, you need to trailer it or trade plate' the vehicle to take it into UK. Very complicated, not worth the hassle, unless you want a real adventure!!!!
If you are interested, let me know and I will send Pictures etc. Would need to get around £850 to £900 for it.
I can get it home, but may need a contribution towards import travel
I had ALL the French documents for my van but still had problems because the last number of year of production was missing, DVLA insisted they would not register it in the UK without confirmation of exact build date, therefore I would suggest extreme caution bringing a vehicle in from Europe without FULL paperwork unless you are prepared for a long wait to get it UK registered, it took me two months of letters back and forth before success. You need a NOVA declaration too.
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Milton Keynes
Hi Holyz
I have a F4 UK registered just about to get a fresh MOT on it. Am based in Milton Keynes.
It is 845 with Alpine wheels and MGF seats. Needs cosmetic work plus whatever the MOT throws up. If I decide to sell will come with MOT.
Have sent you a PM.