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Renault 4 GTL wanted as a project car by enthusiast


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Hi everybody,

Hope this day of rest finds you all well and that you are enjoying the bank holiday...much needed break I'm sure.

Now with the niceties duly over, I'm tentatively looking to get a relatively cheap Renault 4 GTL as a project to slowly do it up to its former glory as and when finances permit me .

In an ideal world, it would blue with a red & blue tartan interior and that it would be a late-ish year without major structural issues in terms of rampant rot and rust in every conceivable place!

However, mechanical issues or running gear is no problem whatsoever as I would be looking to turn this car into a wolf in sheep's clothing...yes, a Gordini lump is definitely in mind. ( Turns me on as I speak...powering up those hills and those motorway stretches in a vehicle that is normally relegated to the slow lane, and where it unsuspectingly finds itself sandwiched as a tasty filling for a couple of Eddie Stobart vehicles, or , I guess, any other slow- motor for that matter!

Anyway, been an owner of one in the past but would love to be connected with this vehicle again, and this time not to be parted again until death do us part or until I do not meet the meet the DVLA standards of vision.

This ad is being quickly cobbled together and posted with the other half still in the land of nod. Yes... not telling anybody yet apart from you. Thank you for reading this and I'm based in South London / Bromley borders , Seb


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West Sussex
My mother's beloved 1985 GTL has just just been pranged and condemned. I am assured it is front wing, lamp and bonnet that are the main problems. She is desperate for it to be rescued or used for parts before it is crushed. G and R Harris Ltd, Chichester, West Sussex are the breakers yard. 01243 372866 Please rescue it if you can. She also has a couple of spare doors and a spare headlamp I think.