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Renee the 1972 4L


Hi , as mentioned, we have bought a car to restore. Its as stated a 1972 4L model 1126 basic with 782cc motor, 12v, and 4 gears. It has hammock type bench seats on tubular frames, and the rear does not fold, but is removable for picnics. i have located a folding seat, which is in lockdown hiatus at the moment.The car appears to have been sold to a mechanic in a rural area southern France, and left in an open sided shed when he stopped driving. The house was sold, including the car, in the early 90's, and remained unused and the new owner died, and when the widow decide to sell up , the car was then sold, about 6 years ago to a Brit, and eventually got over here. We bought it here.
So its been unused and under cover for 30 years +-, but the sun and heat and years have got to the rubber seals around the windows, and so the front footwells have become self draining!! So a little light welding required. The body work is very good, inside and out bar a couple of whacks, and the drivers side front A panel needs a good looking at.The brakes need a full refettle, but the hand brake works well.
Everything seems in good shape,( doesn't it always!), and we are advised to first flush the water system, we will change the battery, clean off the plugs, and see what happens. The front windows are the metal type, but we have been advise to replace with plastic.
It has a great period radio, and some one has fitted a second high level rear view mirror. Great seat belts, original steering wheel, browny clear plastic, it's lovely.


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Stuart Delahoy

Nice! Just one thing I should have a front bench seat, and a rear in decent condition, would happily swap for your hammock ones...