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shipping joys.


Thought that as I was going over to france I would have Franzose's two parcels sent there and I could bring them back in my car. So... I ordered, in good time allowing two weeks. They arrived at the local DPD distribution centre at Ussac near Brive, about 25 kms from me. But they would not recognise my address. They have delivered to me before, but on this occassion they would not recognise the address, and then they would not recognise my phone number or try it to ask me to pick it up, and so sent them back to Franzose. So Franzose were sent them again, this time to my home in the UK and with DHL. The first parcel arrived three days later!!!
I am waiting for the second, but today I am informed it has left Germany bound for me here. We shall see.
Franzose have been very helpful.