Brand new chinese Solex 32DIS / Zenith 28IF

  1. Leonardo.IT

    Leonardo.IT Enthusiast

    Tuscany (Italy)
    Hi everybody,
    I'm having some issues with my 28IF and a 32DIS to be rebuilt before being fitted on the car and I saw those brand new units on the most common sites that sell chinese stuff.
    For about 100 euros they offer brand new carburettor.
    I know replica/licensed carburettor are pretty common for the Beetles world, but I never saw a unit for our car before.
    Anybody has experienced those products?
  2. retrospecparts Enthusiast

    West Sussex
    I've no experience of Chinese carbs for R4s but if they are made by the same company as the 2CV ones, I would steer clear.
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  3. JdeW

    JdeW Enthusiast

    Laarbeek, The Netherlands
    No experience with chinese aftermarket parts which are generally poorly reproduced by the use of inferior materials...

    The most common issues, with the old original carbs at the long term, is that false air is sucked in from somewhere.
    Gasket replacement by use of a revision kit, may help, but the most likely problem is a crooked basefoot at the aluminium underside of the carb caused by overtightening the nuts.
    The base foot can be easily flattened by sanding in an eight-figure movement. Use a glass plate for a flat surface and sandpaper grid 250-400.

    20160719_165142.jpg 20160719_165440.jpg 20160719_170233.jpg 20160719_165752.jpg

    Another common issue is a false setting in the positive opening throttle valve.
    Here you can find more information.

    If you really want another carb, obtain an old original one from Ebay (this is nice Zenith 28if), or look at Palace de l'ancienne in France.

    If you plan to change from Zenith 28if to a Solex 32 keep in mind that you also have to change the manifold accordingly.
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  4. ggcton Enthusiast

    Grimoldby Lincolnshire
    The only one I know of was so poor it was put in the bin and a second hand carb refurbished.
  5. jonigel Enthusiast

    If they are like the Solex one for a Hotchkiss Jeep forget it ,the jets are wrong and not very well made ,there are plenty of second hand ones about.
  6. reidalpine Enthusiast

    I had a friend trying to marked Chinese turbos and carburettors,he soon had to stop as the return-percentage was Way high!
    If you're something Looking like a carb to display on your trophee-wall you'd be ok as they are a pretty good Lookalike,
    -if you want one to perform as a carb-Forget about it! -Reid.
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  7. daviddb

    daviddb Enthusiast

    Had a Chinese copy carb on our Ami 8 for five or six years now. It's been a beaut. But it came via a reputable source, in this case ECAS, who set it up before dispatch and changed jets to suit.
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