change distributors?

  1. MrMick Enthusiast

    Faversham kent
    Hello, just wanted to know if i can change my Femsa distributor for a Ducellier ,because my femsa seems to be not that good ,and long term i hope i am right in thinking that i cant put electronic ign. in a Femsa unit . would love to know your views and whats worked best for you. regards mike:dontknow:
  2. Andy McGhee

    Andy McGhee Enthusiast

    Hi Mike
    Not sure about the electronic ignition part of the question, but otherwise it's a straight swap (provided the curves are the same). My GTL originally had a Femsa unit which was okay when it worked, but I found checking the points gap and changing the points much more of a hassle than with Ducelliers, so I eventually fitted a Ducellier unit.
    I've found Ducelliers much more user-friendly - it only takes a moment to check the points gap. The only problem I've had is with the hole in the baseplate that the screw that holds the fixed part of the points goes into - over the years and with multiple points changes/adjustments the hole can become bigger. If you're lucky, you might find a Ducellier with externally adjustable points; they're really good, as you can adjust the points without removing the distributor cap.
    The other advantage of Ducelliers is that points/caps/rotor arms and condensers seem to be much more widely available than their Femsa equivalents.
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  3. MrMick Enthusiast

    Faversham kent
    Thanks Andy, some sound advice and something for me to look into a bit more .i also have found Femsa design not user -friendly, and think the Ducellier set up is the way to go. must find out where to get one from, new or second hand. mike
  4. ggcton Enthusiast

    Grimoldby Lincolnshire
    If you want to dig deeper into the pocket a 123 ignition system is available for the 4 from der Fransoze This replaces the whole distributor with new. it costs a bit bt all the problems go away.
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  5. harbourseal

    harbourseal Renault R4 Lunatic

    Breda The Netherlands
    You can always order from der Fransoze.
    I think a better option is R-quatre in the Netherlands cheaper on most articles and willing to come up with solutions for a problem. And they are not as expensive on postage.
    Their website isn't in English yet but you can call them if you can't find the article you are looking for.
    for your ignition this might be an option
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