clio idle problem

  1. bonkeyez2 New Member

    hi recently iv had a problem with the engine not idling at all you turn the key turns over fine starts then cuts and if it starts just runs real rough nd puffs blue,smoke gear stick shakes like no tommorow and engine judders real bad like i change the plugs hopin to solve a problem but still the same so i ran a dignostics on it and it come up with a code which was to be the idle controll valve so ive had that replaced but it has not change one bit still all the same problems.ive read in to this and many people seem to have the problem but no answers for it and would like to be pointed in the correct direction of a fix for this

    the car is a renault clio on mk 2 with a 1.4 16v elise

    also the stop and oil light flashes at low revs no matter how much oil is in there ??

    another thing which i should add at times there is like a popping/ back firing noise inside the engine ??

    many thanks to every 1 with info on this
  2. emass New Member

    mk2 clio central locking and engine idle problem

    hiya i have a mk2 clio and the central locking isn't operating the passenger door (boot and drivers door work fine).
    Also the car at idle will drop rpm and make a noticible judder through the accelerator and gearstick. This is also apparent when driving and applying acceleration, for example 4th gear 40mph keeping the acceleration steady you get the juddering which, to decribe what it feels like is like something is slipping.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  3. tornadoxma01 New Member



    I also have a clio W-reg 1.4 elise which i washed my car and engine bay and after an hour or more started loosing power in 1st,2nd and 3rd gear.
    lumpy tick over and yes the mis-fire sound when going up hill in 2nd or 3rd.
    exhaust sounds like its puffing. no smoke and no dash lights. idles at between 500 and 1000 revs and goes abit like this pup pup pup.

    done ecu reset but not changed anything. only other thing i can try is coil pack change and plugs and clean up tdc sensor and air box.

    Anyone who can paint me a clearer picture on this annoying fault then please do...
  4. Steve Hennessey Moderator Staff Member

    If you used water to clean your engine bay then electronics and water don't mix too well. Use a high pressure air line to blow all the water and moisture away from all electronics and ignition parts and spray with WD40. If the car was running okay before you washed the engine bay then this is where your problems lie.
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