disable immobilser megane scenic

  1. martin2728 New Member

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    hi plz help,
    need my car for work tommorrow but i can seem to get the immobiliser off...can't open door with fob nor can i get the immobiliser off is there anyway of bypassing the immobiliser so i can get it to the garage..
  2. malcolm

    malcolm & Clementine the Cat Staff Member

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    Sounds like the battery in the key fob - Do you have a spare to try? Otherwise newsagents often sell little batteries - don't know if they would have the right one.

    If you have the owners manual and the security card you'll probably find instructions for turning off the immobiliser by typing in a code or by an odd combinations of indicator stalk movements.
  3. renault4mad

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    does the key head light light up...if not,as malcolm says try new batteries...

    is this the early megane?...you enter the 4 digit security code by using the central locking button and counting the red flashing on the dash...that will get the car started...you will have to do that everytime you want to start it..

    The code will be kept your renault dealer and they will be reluctant to give that over the phone for security reasons as you can imagine..

    good luck

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