Fuel Injection Fault Problem

  1. nicola Enthusiast

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    Desprately trying to fix my laguna. Help and advise needed PLEASE!
    (2002, 51 plate, Mark 2, 2 LTR IDE 16V Petrol Laguna)
    History: April 08 - in traffic car cut-out 'fuel injection fault' light came on. Wouldn't re-start. AA came out 45mins later. Car started and got home without cutting out again. Took to Renault they told me senors needed. Had replaced. OK for 4 weeks. Began to cut-out again whilst in traffic. Wouldn't start. Left to half hour then car started and got home. Car then kept cutting out but re-starting again so regularly I took back to Renault. (Fuel injection fault and ESP lights coming on). They told me high pressure fuel pump needed and maybe spark plugs interfering with perimeters. Had genuine fuel pump fitted by mechanic friend. Still same problem, not the fuel pump. Changing spark plugs and cleaning injectors tomorrow. Any suggestions????
  2. pepper

    pepper Pepper The One and Only!

    Coils? I've had loads of problems recently with the blighters, they do seem to be a cause of a lot of peoples woes these days.

    You especially find the coils work ok when cold then break down as they warm up.
  3. nicola Enthusiast

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    Thanks for quick response I will tell the mechanic to look at coils. Thanks again Nicola.
  4. SteveC

    SteveC MrToureteMasterSignwriter

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    Equidistant between Beaconsfield and Marlow (....High Wycombe )
    You have to think about the kinds of faults that would cause rough running, compared to the kinds of faults that would stop the car dead in its tracks..

    Very little will actually make it feel like it just turned off..

    Fuel pump problem will lead to low fuel pressure, it will stutter and die fairly slowly (over a few seconds), a localised HT problem will cause rough running. Does your laguna have a coil pack on each cylinder or a a single coil and a distributor?

    As a point of interest, I have a Sierra with EFI. Its recently been misbehaving. cutting out, stopping, not restarting.. only to start and drive fine for the next 100 miles 10 minutes later.

    I found the problem in the end.. the connector for the crank position sensor (positioned under the oil filter - brilliant!) was full of oil, dirt and other cr@p. Cleaned that out and its been good as gold since. Some people would have scrapped it with that problem, as it was not obvious to find. Nothing came up on the ECU fault codes as with the Crank position sensor dropping out the ECU just believed the engine was not rotating and was therefore not fueling or sparking...

    The lesson is dont discount the obvious. Have each connector off everything, carefully inspect for any wiring damage and clean out each connector with some contact cleaner.

    Particularly if your car is dirty under the bonnet. Its not age that makes an old car electrically unreliable, its dirt that collects more dirt and moisture that does it!

    If the ESP light is on what does this mean? What sensors does the ESP use? wheelspeeds, yaw, and an engine speed perhaps so it knows what gear your in and therefore has a better idea of torque to the wheels from engine speed, throttle opening and MAP..? I dont know how advanced ESP was on a 2001 laguna.

    A poorly spark plug or injector will only effect one cylinder and so the car would continue to run, allbeit badly.

    Best of luck.
  5. nicola Enthusiast

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    Thanks for advise steveC I will pass info on to my mechanic friend to look at. I've had a couple of replies stating coils and someone else advised crank sensor.
  6. SteveC

    SteveC MrToureteMasterSignwriter

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    Equidistant between Beaconsfield and Marlow (....High Wycombe )
    It would seem likely that the crank sensor is a possible culprit. Be that the sensor itself, the wiring between it and the ECU or coilpack or a connection along the way.

    The Crank angle, or position, sensor has a digital output to the ECU. With no crank sensor input the engine will not run. The fact its digital means basically it will work.. or it wont. Not like an analogue temperature signal that can read incorrectly.

    Its possible that if the ECU sees a problem it will flag an error internally and light up the warning lights and then stop working completley, until the error flag is reset.. ie: until its been reset by an extended period of being switched off. My Sierra ECU is less sophisticated than this and will fuel and fire the engine whenever it has the correct information to do so fromt the sensors it uses to decide how much fuel and when to fire it. It logs errors to download with a code reader but never refuses to operate if it 'thinks' there is a problem. Again, I dont know what a 51 plate laguna will do in any given situation.

    No problem on a fuel injection system is genuinely hard to find.. you just have to work with the symptoms to find the probable casues.

    Let us know how you get on...
  7. nicola Enthusiast

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    Car fixed finally. Renault fitted regulator in April, approx 10 weeks ago. When car started cutting out again 4 weeks ago it had the same symptoms and showed the same fault 'fuel injection fault'. I said to Renault that it must be the same problem because it has the same symptoms and same fault light on. (I'm obviously not a mechanic, just using common sense). However, they insisted that it wasn't, that it was just a fault in the same area and that it was the pump. Obviously it wasn't the pump because we had a new one fitted by a mechanic friend and it didn't solve the problem. Renault had our car back for two days and finally re-checked the regulator that they put on in April and found that it was faulty. (Luckily under warrenty). They fitted a new regulator and the pressure returned to normal. So much for re-checking the obvious or your own work first. Computers it seems don't know everything. I have told them that I want the pump money I paid out refunding and the labour costs I paid. They are looking into for me.
    Thanks for your help. There is a lesson to learn - check obvious and own work first before moving on to more expensive parts.
  8. ashwind New Member

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    I am having a similar problem with my laguna. Which regulator did you replace? Is that the pressure regulator?

    What exactly did the mechanic do wrongly the first time that he had replaced this part in your car?

    Thanks for your help.

  9. nicola Enthusiast

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    Laguna fuel injection fault

    Dear Ash
    It was the pressure regulator. We had a new pressure regulator fitted 10 weeks ago so Renault thought it couldn't be the problem so they advised to get a new high pressure fuel pump. When we had pump fitted elsewhere (Renault too expensive) this didn't solve the problem. So we went back to Renault who over 2 days finally checked the pressure regulator and found it to be faulty. It was still under warrenty so didn't cost. They tested car over further 3 days and car fine. Pump not needed. This was Renaults typed diagnostic print out -
    'Confirmed complaint cutting out and injection light on. Carried out clip test. Fuel pressure regulator and sensor fault found intermittantly fault switching from sensor to regulator. Carried out fuel pressure tests found when fault occurs high pressure part fails. High pressure pump requires replacing. Advise. Spark plugs replace as suspect they are causing interference with injection paremeters'.
    We did replace spark plugs but this made no difference. It was the regulator and not the pump.
    Hope this helps.
    From Nicola
  10. cconstandis New Member

    Hi guys, it has been a while since the last reply, but since I'm cracking my head with the same problem, I want to ask nicola another question.
    When you first experienced the problem was before replacing for the first time the pressure regulator, and most important was there any sign of any fault when diagnosed with the CLIP module? 'Cause I'm in the same situation, nothing appears to be wrong when diagnosed, but still experiencing the fault, and the engine's rpms are wutomaticly limited to 1800.

    Thank a lot.
  11. Davemac New Member

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    Exact Same Problem

    I've had the same problem with my 2001 Laguna. The Fuel injection and the ESP warning. Now on our third pressure regulator which has failed again.

    The dealer now says he thinks a problem with the module in the tank is causing the regulator to fail but has passed the problem to Renault who have opened a case file.

    Waiting to hear from Renault what they are going to do, so far all parts replaced under warranty.
  12. frustrated New Member

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    Laguna 2.0 ide 51 plate injection problem

    I've got exactly the same problem and for the fourth time in the 2 and a quarter years since I've had the car. First time Oct 06 2 sensors replaced (paid for by used car warranty but I had to pay top up as over £450), second time Sept 07 replaced again (Renault parts warranty), third time Dec 07 - Apr 08 dealer told me it was the pressure regulator and sensor but when I told them they had been renewed twice already within the past 18 months they then said probably one of wiring two looms or the computer, suggesting replacing all three to make sure!

    Protracted debate with Renault UK, me claiming that they should be making it possible for their dealers to diagnose properly and, if not, cover the cost of the serviceable parts that I was having to replace unnecessarly. Renault denied any responsibility or assistance because the car was well outside its warranty period. 2 looms and computer replaced - cost me over £1700.

    Oct 08 broke down again - same symptoms. Back to dealer with AA. Dealer now suggests draining tank and checking fuel lines etc for blockages but seem to be implying that they really don't know what the problem is. Cost to me (of course!) 2.5 hours labour. I'm now contacting Trading Standards to see where I stand.

    Seems from this site and others I've seen that it's probably a design problem with the IDE engine but Renault seem to want to ignore this. I know that my car had injection problems back in its warranty period. I suspect it's the same problem that has never properly been sorted but I haven't got any proof. Renault really should be acknowledging the problem and sorting it out! Maybe if we can find enough people we could get together and present a united front.
  13. v8steve New Member

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    fuel inj fault

    Hi all , i had the fuel inj fault light come on so sent it to renault they fixed that with a fuel presure sensor now its missing on tickover and down on power , they said it was the coil or spark plug lead, but i dont think they was interested said they had only seen 1 ide before.code reader says p0301 cylnder 1 misfire any help would be great :confused:
  14. crism New Member

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    Laguna 2.0 ide fuel pressure problem

    This very common problem with the Laguna 2 IDE is invariably due to the pressure regulator. Don't be mis-directed to replacing anything else. You can prove it by simply cooling the regulator down by wrapping a damp cloth around it. You'll be able to keep things running okay as long as the cloth is fed with cool water. I'm now on my third replacement. Renault admit to a design fault and are apparently now looking into it. On this basis my local main dealer agreed to replace it free of charge. I'm sure you could do the same. If not, challenge Renault UK.
  15. IDE or DIE? New Member

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    IDE fuel pressure regulator

    I have exactly the same problem and having gone thru 4 replacement regulators in two years, I am pleased to hear from you that Renault is now admitting to a design fault. Did you hear this from Renault UK in writing, or did this come from a dealer "off the record"? My Renault dealer engineer admitted as much but would not confirm in writing.
  16. krema2ren New Member

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    Fuel Injection Fault


    I think I have the same problem, but when I get the Fuel Injection Fault, the engine will run uneven and not be able to exceed 2500 rpm. I also get an Anti Pollution Fault.

    Usually the problem occurs when in traffic jam, where the engine gets hot, so I think it could be the same problem and I haven't got the problem all winter.

    These fuel pressure regulators, where are they fitted and is it considered a difficult task to replace yourselves.

    Has Renault come up with a solution to prevent this fault ie. new regulators or something?
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2009
  17. mick New Member

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    Renault laguna 2.0 IDE fuel injection fault

    Thanks to this site I hope you all have assisted in diagnosing my problem. I have a Laguna 2.0 IDE initiale, recently when in traffic it Doris (the onboard voice) would very intermittently complain about a fuel injection fault and 50 yards later would stop the engine for me. Tonight I spent the last 2 miles of my commute home restarting the engine about 30 times just to get home. The car has done 120K miles but is now really showing signs of age (2002 plate). If I have read this forum correctly my problem is looking like a fuel pressure regulator problem. can someone tell me where this is located and I will try cooling it / replacing it, failing that Doris and the car will be going to the big scrapyard in the sky.
  18. mick New Member

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    Fuel Pressure Regulator

    The more I read about this fault the more conviced I am this is my problem, Renaults answer is to remove the engine cover and keep the aircon on as this keeps the FPR cooler. in hindsight it has only been since I turned the aircon off that this problem has occurred. Maybe I cut a sodding great hole in the bonnet and put an air scoop in it...:shock: It is booked in tomorrow. £86 for the parts + labour.
  19. crism New Member

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    IDE or DIE

    It's now happened to me again, and I'm back to Renault for the fourth time for repair under parts-warranty. This time I've insisted on being a given a second regulator to hold as a spare.
    As I posted before: the problem can be proved and temporarily overcome by wrapping a cloth around the fuel pressure regulator (the one fixed with two small screws, next to the one with the big hex nut), and pouring cold water on the cloth.
    Contact Renault UK on 08000 723 372 and complain like hell.
  20. IDE or DIE? New Member

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    My Renault engineer suggested the followings:

    [*]Take the engine cover off to reduce fuel regulator overheating
    [*]Switch on aircon in traffic jam, again to ease overheating
    [*]Use super unleaded fuel

    Hope these will help, but I still think Renault should search for a permanent solution.
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