Inline fuel/water trap

  1. John M

    John M Enthusiast

    Has anyone fitted an inline water trap into their fuel line like the one below? I have water in my fuel tank and wondered about fitting a water trap as a temporary measure prior to removing my fuel tank and cleaning it out. I have to work on my car outside and with the weather as it is that's not going to happen for a few months.
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  2. benchseat Enthusiast

    My last two R4s have had this filter fitted and I always thought it was a standard fitting on later models.

    Water will mix with petrol to the extent of about 1 part in 6000. So any minute amount of water via e.g. condensation normally gets removed through the carburettor. On the other hand, R4 tanks are prone to rusting through on the top surface and round the drain plug, so if you have significant water in the fuel you probably need a new tank (or repair with tank epoxy which you can get for about £2 on eBay in stick form — worked well on my lawnmower).
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