Old French Cars in Tunisia

  1. malcolm

    malcolm & Clementine the Cat Staff Member

    Bedford UK
    It was a bit cold and wet last week so I took a last minute flight to Tunisia. There is a treasure trove of old French cars over there, probably due to the good climate and a lack of any obvious MOT test requirement. Here are a few holiday snaps.

    Renault 4s are still a common sight, most being dented white F4 vans, although there were a few saloons buzzing around.

    It's a lovely place for R4s to live.

    Dashboards on most cars were covered in towels or fur to protect them from the sun. All of the cars we saw had replacement seat covers.

    The olive farmers all drove Peugeot 404 pickups. We saw one which was filled to the brim with olives.

    There weren't many other old Renaults. We spotted a Renault 14, and also a Renault 6.

    Finally a Peugeot 304 saloon.
  2. Mike from Spain Enthusiast

    Just spotted the R14. Isn't it weird how they all disappeared in such a short time. My mate got a brand new back in '78 and I thought it was a smashing car; the engine was like a sewing machine; and weren't they so modern! Everyone says that the Sierra started the new wind tunnel trend but as you can see, the R14 beat them to it many years before!
  3. Simon.AU

    Simon.AU Enthusiast

    Adelaide, Australia
    I love the pics of the 4 vans. A date coloured one under a date palm, a white one against a white background!

    As for the 14, I imagine they would have rusted quite badly in the UK. The very few, well two, private import 14's I've seen here had great scabs of rust in the bonnet and places where I'd rarely see any car, even a Renault, rust!
  4. RichardIRL

    RichardIRL Enthusiast

    What kind of shape were Renault 4s there generally in?
  5. cees r4AT Enthusiast

    i also went to tunesia 1,5 year ago: then i also spotted some r4 there, a lot of them in pretty good shape.
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