R4 GTL Clan 1986

  1. Lianne Enthusiast

    DSCN0539.JPG DSCN0541.JPG Hi again.

    Having had no luck with my previous post about paint colour, I'm trying again with more detail!
    The pics are of my car.
    Anyone know what colour this might be please? Every pic I have seen of a Clan seems to be the same creamy white but what is it? The colour code on a sticker on the inner wing is 348 blanc panda but to the tin I have had mixed up is more like a pure brilliant white???

    Could the paint have been mixed wrongly at the body shop? Is it my car or the paint that is wrong? What should blanc panda look like? Should it be more a cream or a white? Does anybody know?
    Thank you for any help.
  2. mojobaby

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    Lot et Garonne France
    Hello Lianne, sometimes the dried colour is different from what it looks like in the tin.
    Take a small sample from the tin and spread it lightly on a hidden part of your car (inside the engine bay) and let it dry, and then compare the colour.
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  3. barnfind

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    A couple of points here in addition to Mojobaby's suggestion.
    You can't always tell from photographs what the car's true colour might be. Sometimes several photos of the same car will make it look quite different colourwise, affected by its surroundings, light levels, etc. Also, paint fades and discolours over time and 30 years is a long time if this is the original paintwork, try T Cutting a small fairly out of sight area and then matching the paint. Also, are you sure that your car hasn't been resprayed at some time. My own GTL appeared on first inspection to be in its original red, but on closer inspection, comparing the external colour with some of the internal original areas which had not faded, had been repainted externally at some time in a slightly different red. This would mean that any paint sourced via the paint code under the bonnet would not have been a match.
    Even if you find the correct colour code, you may still not get a decent match, because of all the previous factors. Your best bet might be to go to a paint factor and get them to match the paint using a spectrometer. I have experienced this route with other cars and it does work quite well.
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  4. RichardIRL

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  5. Lianne Enthusiast

    Thank you all for your help. I have also got a tester pot of 348 Blanc Panda which I ordered from Germany and have tested this today and this is a colour match to the car which leads me to think that the paint spray cans I have had mixed up have been mixed incorrectly..............will speak to the paint factors first and see what they say.

    Thanks again for your replies.
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