renault 6tl for sale

  1. charlie New Member

    i have a renault 6 for sale. it was first reg 1/1/1975.there are 72000 genuine miles on is completely original except for the carpets. it is motd till feb 07 and taxed till end nov 06. i am using it every day.the bodywork is in excellent condition, and it has never been welded and does not need any.i am only looking £1300 for the car.there are more photos which i can email.
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    • renault 6 025.jpg
  2. WOW! If I still lived in the UK I'd snap your hand off! What a beauty. I had one in the late seventies and it was fabulous; just like a really posh R4. Try ebay, I'm sure it will be snapped up!
  3. charlie New Member

    thanks mike.there are not many left now. most have disintigrated by now. charlie
  4. gpovanman More than a 4 is excess!

    There are still plenty knocking around in Spain, but they are starting to be a dying breed now, which is a shame.
  5. gpovanman More than a 4 is excess!

    You might want to try putting an ad in Practical Classics or something, cos aside from the fact that you want the money for it, it would be a crying shame to see a car as straight as that go to the scrapper. I would buy it off you if I was in the UK, but sadly, I aint!
  6. pepper

    pepper Pepper The One and Only!

    Did this car ever get sold, I just found it through google, its lovely!

    Well lovely for a six, my Dad had one of these too.
  7. David M French car tragic!



    What a fantastic example.

  8. 0nsignia New Member

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    Super Car

    I guess it must be sold by it?:?
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