Renault R4 FROG

  1. ChH New Member

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    Kleve, Germany

    I am searching for some information about an Renault R4 with the official name "R4 Frog". It is an open variant of the R4, looks like the "plein air". Here is a picture of a "frog", i have to take a picture from the internet, because my cam is broken:

    I have the car here in Germany, but it comes from italy. I just have the italian "certificato cronoligo". I have some problems with the papers here in Germany, because the proper authorities, in Germany the "Strassenverkehrsamt", do not know a Renault R4 Frog, so i cannot get german papers for the car. Do you know someone, wo drives this car in germany with german papers?


  2. Simon.AU

    Simon.AU Enthusiast

    It looks like it may be an R4 JP4 kit car, or one that may originally have been marketed in Italy with a JP4 kit and called an R4 Frog. These were not factory cars from Renault which may explain the lack of official documentation.

    Check out this French JP4 site:
  3. ChH New Member

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    Kleve, Germany
    Thanks for your reply, i thinks this helps me.

  4. angel Enthusiast

    It was a JP4 produced in Italy on the late '80s and called "Frog". Wonderful R4 type...
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