Steering rack play

  1. blartbox Enthusiast

    North Yorkshire
    Hi All
    There is a little up/down play in the steering rack of my 1974 R4L. This is a LHD French registered car that has just enjoyed a trip to Thenay. The rack is the earlier type with the detachable steering arms, but not the earliest type with the internal spring. The play is at the end furthest from the rack pinion. My Haynes manual states that no repairs can be made to the rack, but my 1960s-vintage factory manual shows how to do a rack rebuild (albeit on the internal spring type of rack). Is there some sort of bush kit that can be fitted (preferably with rack in-situ) or is it best to replace the whole mechanism? The factory manual shows a spring loaded thrust pad held in place by a split pin at the non-pinion end of the rack. Rebuilt racks can be had for ~ 100 Euros here in France, so it's not the end of the world if the whole component has to be replaced.
  2. angel Enthusiast

    There is a plastic bush held by a circlip at the non-pinion end of the rack, that wears and causes play. It's available at any Renault 4 parts supplier at a cost of 5-10 euros. It can even be replaced with the rack on the car.
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