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  1. Richard Bartholomew New Member

    West Norfolk
    Hi all, Had one back when working in West Africa in the 1970's and it was quite amazing over country tracks! Could well be interested in buying one on the road for memories/fun, but probably needing paint/bodywork to help keep the cost down. Please no "beautiful" examples, as an OAP now I can't afford that!
    Many thanks, Richard (01842-819969) West Norfolk
  2. benchseat Enthusiast

    A "beautiful" example could well be cheaper in the long run than one which requires restoration. Looking at various online examples recently I'd say you could get a pretty good one for about £5K, whereas I was quoted at least £8K by a classic-car specialist for a full restoration (body off and chassis repair).

    Also bear in mind that the UK is the most hostile environment in the world for cars (salt, frequent freezing and thawing, incessant rain), especially rust-traps like R4s. I'd say West Africa would have been much kinder as regards potential corrosion : no salt, hot sun to dry off bodywork, probably either no rain at all or so wet that tracks were impassable and the car remained in the garage.

    Having said that, I do have quite a nice 1972 example available . . . .
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  3. Stuart Delahoy

    Stuart Delahoy Enthusiast

    This is mine, eBay item number 263429803421

    ren 4 white.jpg

    Fresh in from the south of France this project is rock solid. Its been standing now so bring a fresh battery and some tlc and it will run and drive.
    The mileage is high, over 200,000km, so expect some wear and as I remember the brakes feel as if they are made of wood!
    Its all original and rust free on the chassis and body, with the exception of the back edge of the boot floor. Damp has been trapped under the tailgate seal.00
    The car was on the road in France until recently as a workhorse so expect a well used car, not a pampered classic.
    I love R4's and have owned over 20 and have 4 earlier examples, so I know where to look and what to look for.
    When you see this you will never want to try and restore a rusty one again.
    Shiply will deliver for you, get a quote from LE4.
    Cash on collection or bank transfer please.
    I will do the NOVA for the buyer.

    Also selling my 5, all good long T&T same price...

    Any questions you can get me on 07973 358877, daytime signal is poor so eves are best.
  4. RenaultSpain

    RenaultSpain Enthusiast

    Hello Richard first of all funny to see you have the same surname as me! I have a Renault 4 for sale lhd here’s the link on car and classic uk


    If you would like any more info or pics please do not hesitate to send me a message or email me on:

    Neumaticostotal @hotmail.com
  5. Neil Enthusiast

    20171202_123834.jpg 20170719_194918.jpg 20170719_180935.jpg
    20171202_113445.jpg 20171202_123834.jpg 20170719_194918.jpg 20170719_180935.jpg


    This is my offering. 138000 kilometres. Advertised elsewhere at £4000.


    Delivered to any UK based forum member for £3000 + petrol + rail ticket.
    Viewing in Carmarthenshire until 19/01/2018 .... then we will be away for nine weeks ...

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  6. SJC400

    SJC400 Enthusiast

    Swindon, Wiltshire
    If you are not scared of a bit of work, I have a nice 1986, LHD example, due to come back from france in the very near future. Currently has no engine in it, (currently removed for cleaning etc) but I have loads of spares!
    The car is in extremely good condition and I'm just looking to clear it, offers in the region of £895
    Let me know if you are interested Richard.
    (I'll add pictures if you are interested in it, sandy beige colour).
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