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Who's copyright is it?

Copyright on this site is owned the author of the work unless otherwise stated. For much of the website you can assume the owner is me, though on the forum the forum members may own the copyright for their own original contributions.

The policy

I do not allow anyone to copy information from this website and publish it elsewhere else on the web without prior permission (contact me to ask). If you don't hear back assume my refusal. Please link directly to the information on this website instead.

Permission may be given to reproduce the work in non-internet media (such as magazines and videos) subject to the agreement of copyright owners. Suitable credit to the website will be required - contact me to discuss.

Why no copying is allowed

There is a good reason for this. On the internet, search engines will only display one copy of the information, so stealing our content will either give you no benefit, or it will knock this site out of the search engines (which doesn't seem fair).

Image hotlinking

You can hotlink to this website as long as you also include a link to this website or a relevant page on this website. If the image was posted by a forum member then a link to their website is acceptable.

Licensing arrangements

If you have not gained permission to copy text or images from this website you will be subject to our standard licensing arrangements. Images are charged at £50 per year, text at £100 per year, flash video £500 per year. That means if you reproduce the text and images on a page that has 4 images the yearly licensing will be £300. One year is the minimum term. Payment should be made to VORD Consulting Limited.

These charges are legal and remarkably easy to enforce. I introduced these charges following complaints about the destructive effect of my DMCA complaints, and also to pay for the time taken up in seeking out people who like to infringe my copyright.

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