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1968 R4 for sale at auction

One of my old cars! Sold this about 10 years ago and next saw it at Thenay.
I think it has been owned for a number of years by somebody from the family that runs Brightwells. I guess this will set a bench mark price for a collectors model of a 4.
My guess is about 5 thousand and yes if I had the space and money I would have it back!
Laarbeek The Netherlands
What's missing JdeW? Spec does vary from country to country...
I know Stuart, but the tailgate isn't right, the 1968 closure should be T-shaped and not a 1978 narrow as seen on the picture, and it should have a chrome moustage around the license plate area.
And I can't see it clearly but the side window frames should be metal, it looks like plastic to me
But otherwise it's a fine 1968 basic R4.
Best regards, Joop
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