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My name is Hugo, I live in Portugal, near Lisbon, in Mafra!

I have this beauty and it is almost ready to rock!!!!

D0161A36-BD2B-4513-9D14-A0A188E09FB0.jpeg D23F5C1B-C920-43C3-AEE1-549DD4F2D8F7.jpeg B94EADE6-42D0-473B-AC60-917C6F6542F2.jpeg DE90B972-EC8D-441B-82C5-B0EA65069B23.jpeg 9DA1473C-04F8-463E-993F-C267C7BC9FCD.jpeg 0029BCE8-2816-4AB8-A01E-479EB5BE39D5.jpeg E8A7F8BE-F543-4FD6-AB3A-F3D34F6E9655.jpeg 3DF4BCBB-55C2-4D21-B8D1-68C8350B0DD6.jpeg 83AE6E1D-7DF5-4DC7-B154-E4C92D45B0EA.jpeg
The wheels will be the original in iron! Not these ones!
Have a issue near the fuel pump… it is loosing oil… can’t understand why.. the fuel pump is brand new, also All gaskets… but keeps leaking….

If the oil is coming from where the fuel pump connects to the block, the gasket isn't sealing. Try using some non-setting gasket sealant (Blue Hylomar etc) on both sides of the gasket and reinstall it - make sure the surfaces are very clean and smooth!
Mine has two paper gaskets either side of plastic spacer( on other engine this plastic spacer was fibre), metal plate ( same shape as plastic/fibre spacer, so when tightened it applies pressure to all of plastic /fibre spacer and gaskets, not just the two from pump itself), smaller gasket to pump, then pump, heres photo, yours doesn’t seem to have metal plate. Never had issues with oil leaks around pump with just paper gaskets. Did notice paper gaskets from Piezasauto were of a far thinner inferior quality paper than those I sourced from Paco Lugo. 577A4B62-86C7-4275-92E4-E50473F25157.jpeg
Hi Hugo, I think we talked before about our 4Ls.

You must-have this installed. Behind the metal "gasket" you have another paper gasket, like @AdamWilkes said try using non-setting gasket sealant

Thank you all for your help, Will try again!

Yes, @DAA , we talked before, and you helped me a lot with some missing parts and precious tips!!! Thanks!