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Newington Kent
Hi All, I have booked us a table at La Villa in Montrichard for 19:30 on Friday evening. We can meet at the Carrefour car park in the centre of Montrichard at 19:15 andwalk down, or in Thenay at 18:45. So get your livers in training!
Aylesford, Kent
New roof aerial fitted. I hope I never have to remove that damned roof lining again. It tried my patience. So radio working even if the cassette side doesn't. Special adaptor bought on ebay which fits into the cigarette lighter and will allow two sockets (one for the mini fan and one for the GPS) plus two USB ports for recharging the smartphones. Front rubber mat has extra 10mm close cell foam added. Roof lining, seats and rubber flooring all washed and vacuumed. Tomorrow I will wax the car for the umpteenth time, check the tyre pressures, blacken the tyres, fill up the tank and get some euros from Sainsbugs. Spanish and Portugese country stickers ready for when we cross the borders. Maps and old Eurocamp map book ready.
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Le Dazzleur
Back seat removed, and camping gear chucked in. That's me ready. Catching ferry tomorrow evening at 22:00. Mangetout Rodney :clapping:
Poor Marigold. Hope you all have a great and safe trip..
Friggin H***! left home last Monday-in the Roffmobile ,got as far as Malmoe(S) then the head-gasket blew :doh:
got R into closed secured lot,took the night-bus home (some 6hrs) had a few hrs sleep then left,picked up
luggage in R. then off to sout of Hamburg(Ger) Got to Metz yesterday-had to take of loads of self-pity so had a
few pain-killers (after the first JB I don't know what went down the hatch) laying mostly flat out today,tomorrow
we'll be on our way to Thenay,and we can only hope they will let us in under the Faux-Renault clausul....

-Just now got news that R is now en-route back home all in care of our FIA-club

Any/all taps on back,shoulders to cry on,and general kind sounds appreciated!
Naw-we'll be back another day.Somehow I'll get it right even if I have to install a jet-engine in there..

-Have a nice safe trip
see you all tomorrow/-Reid.
Aylesford, Kent
And it gets worse. Renee sailing down the autoroute between Roux and Chartres when she coasts to a halt. All the usual checks but coil or electronic ignition seems at fault. A short while later Derek, Becky and family stop by and after a fruitless spell, drive on to the rally. Recovery truck arrives after three hours, more fruitless checks, takes us to garage in Chartres. New cool fitted, still won't start but garage about to close. More checks tomorrow but we may need a new distributor which won't be here until Monday Tuesday. We may get a hire car tomorrow depending on what they find. Many many thanks Derek.