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Advice wanted and possible sale of Spanish Renault 4 TL

funky D

I am thinking about selling my 1978 LHD Spanish Renault 4 TL , I have owned it for a yr and it has given me so many smiles . So do I sell it in Spain or should I bring it back to the UK ? I would be looking for around 3600 Euros if I sold it in Spain , which works out around £3200 or if I brought it back to the UK shipping costs / Transporter is £700 plus UK registration and mot etc it going to push the price up to around £4000

It has no rust is mechanically very good and will have a new July ITV ( spanish mot ) mileage is 101 K or 60,000 miles , I will confirm this when Im next out in a couple of weeks , it has a few dents but nothing really bad just Spanish !!! .

I can post as many pics as you want and ask me any Qs but like I say also looking for advice on what I should do , many thanks . I am in no rush to sell and dont have to sell but I want another toy and not got the room for both .

Thank you again for any advice or Questions .


Looks a very nice car, but the market for lhd cars is oversupplied, Ebay is awash with them!
My advice would be sell it in Spain or bring it over because you want to use it here, not for a profit.