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Bougicord spark plug wires


Zagreb, Croatia
Thank you very much. Unfortunately, they do not ship to Croatia. Do you know are they original Bougicord like they were at first or some reproduction under the same name?
Hi Mario-like you I wanted Bougicord ign.wires,got hold of a set (new in pack) mounted ,and ended up with ignition problems.
bought from reputable source.Measuring them they showed wildly varying internal resistance and Real sloppy connectings from
internal wire to both dizzy-cap and to plug-side. Might have been a bad one-off,but in that case it only shows bad or No quality-
control.. Also I'd stay well away from ign.wires using carbon-cores as they tends to break and you'll end up with even higher internal
restistance.They will most likely already have some splits/cracks direct from factory-fresh from being bent into the bag or box
Hope you get in running smoothly again-Soon! -have a good week-end/-R.