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Hi all. Brand new member here without a R4! Although I have recently owned a Renault 5 Monaco 1.9 1989 Absolutely loved that car but just too small inside for me ( I’m a big fella!) and kept banging my head on the door frame or roof lining when driving ( picture a house bring in a tumble dryer!) Hoping a 4 has more space for me. Looking for a decent one that doesn’t need welding or engine work ( I know, not asking much eh? ) but happy with tidying up trim and interior. Not ready to buy yet. Got to wait for pension pot to pay out but I’ve looked at loads of new cars to squander my dosh on and just don’t fancy anything. I love my creature comforts and all but that can wait. If I can drive a ditty R4 around and take it to shows etc for 3-4 years I’ll have a hoot, won’t lose much money and get the ‘pension mobile’ later. I’ve got a merc A180 for anything over 30-40 miles so that’ll do for now. In the meantime picking up hints and tips for now. Speak to you all eventually I hope. Take it easy and drive safe ( oh I’ve also got a little 125 cruiser motorcycle to mess around with!!