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Bumper interchangeably ( or not)


Currentley on the hunt through classifieds and breakers local and not so to where Im based at moment for parts to fit on the F6 to give it more of a retro look, would ideally like to fit chrome bumper and grill off of a late 60s 4 on it (rectangular bumpers), feel the heavier look of these will suit the boxier rear of F6, the ones coming up are to me, well overpriced or beyond repair ( dents and dull/ pitted chrome), but there does seem to be more of an avaliable supply of breaking 6s here ( they also seem to suffer less damage than 4s :dontknow:)can see the side lights are in bumpers on later ones ( dont mind blanking holes in bonnet, or turning them into additional grills, bonnets needs work, whats a little more ).
Feasable idea, or is the 6 profile just not suitable? just today this came up and I fancy a haggle on the wheels and bumper, and like the old show, if the price is right..