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Can anyone recommend a car transportation company, efficient, reliable and good price ? Trying to see what alternatives there are to hiring a trailer and towing the car there myself. From the midlands to Sussex
Is the car roadworthy? I've an "A" frame and a Subaru Forester, complete with amber beacon lights, trailer lights and magnetically attachable number plates. A Forester can pull a house down without breaking sweat! Any help? P.M. if it is.
Hi Andre. Thank you for the offer. At the moment the tyres are not MOT worthy, they are very old and cracked. I have an A frame myself, which works well, but wouldn't use it on the car without a new set of tyres.
Morning all

Just on the subject of a frames I guess the vehicle being towed needs to be mot /insurance is thus right
Morning all

Just on the subject of a frames I guess the vehicle being towed needs to be mot /insurance is thus right
This is a perennial question whenever "A" frames are discussed. I've used an "A" frame for many years to move cars, a fair proportion of which weren't roadworthy. I've never towed anything I thought would be dangerous and I always made sure all the lights attached to the back of the recovered vehicle worked properly and that my beacon lights were on. I also wear a "hi vis" (jilet jeune in French!) all the time. I've often been overtaken by police patrol cars (I keep my speed well down when towing) and the "boys in blue" have invariably looked at the car being towed, the towing vehicle and me and then driven on. I suppose the lights, hi-vis and the general appearance of the towing vehicle give an air of "knowing what I'm doing" so they've left me alone. I'm aware of the limitations when towing and always pull over after a mile or two, to check the strap tensions and the coupling security.

I think there's still a Highway Code rule prohibiting the towing of vehicles on a motorway using a tow rope, but I may be wrong. Oddly using an "A" frame on a motorway is the best way to cover large distances; all the traffic's going one way, usually at a steady speed, with gentle corners and hills and with plenty of warning when hold-ups occur. Motorway service stations, although pricey, have huge car parks for parking up & you don't have to reverse to get out of them, too!

Sorry, I've gone on a bit. "A" frames are really useful things, if used properly!
Hi edwin I have used this firm in the past and was recommend buy the bangers & cash team when i purchased my Renault 4 from them JM Transport 07414930530 also gave me this number as well Dan 07368547376 you could try cheers Chuck