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Cheer up your gutter trim

Do you suffer from 'gutter trim vibration'? Is your trim faded and worn out?

Well help is at hand!

Did you know, the chrome plastic trim available for 'Mini' wheelarch and sills fits the R4 roof? Well it does and best of all one length for a 'Mini' side will do the whole roof on a 4.

It's readily available in accessory shops and motor factors and it's not expensive.

Fitting it is easy. Take off the old trim which is held on with clips. Keep the clips to re-use (if there are any left) Clean up the gutter, put what clips you have in useful places and put some blobs of contact adhesive at points all round. Start at the bonnet line by the windscreen on one side and roll the trim up and around the gutter pushing down firmly as you go. When you get to the end, cut off the excess and the job's done. You may find a 'heat gun' useful if you try to do it in the cold but the stuff's pretty flexible.

That's it, no more noisy trim and looks great as well. Give it a go :)



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Bedford UK
That's an excellent tip - thanks. The first thing I do when buying a new R4 is remove the tatty roof trim. It always breaks. Now I know how to replace it!

The heat gun would probably be most important in winter. I've broken all sorts of plastic and glass bits in winter as they tend to get brittle at low temperature.

Does anyone know where the chrome strips that run down the sides and the sills of the TL can be obtained?




If anyone is looking for Gutter Trim, the best stuff I've ever come across is available from Automobile Trimmings of Stanmore, Tel: 020 8204 8242 and see web page: Its wonderfully flexible stuff in a range of colours, with a hard plastic exterior and metal core that snaps very tightly around a Renault 4 gutter edge.

They also do a range of other trim products that are good for Renault 4's, including rubber extrusions, hoses, matting, etc.

About 5 metres of edge trim all in one piece without the need for any joins goes right the way around the windscreen sides and roof gutters of a Renault 4. I brought a 50 metre roll of the stuff in black, if anyone wants any!

All the best

Chris :-)



either I'm stupid or the motor-factors in Plymouth just don't stock that Mini accessory trim!

Could you tell me exactly where you found that Mini trim, because I'm getting a lot of odd looks from people in Halfords, Kevin Cooper, etc etc who all seem to think I'm slightly mad!!

Chris, sorry if I'm stating the obvious but why not try your local Rover dealer? There's the plain or de-luxe type - you'll want the plain type.

Failing that, have plenty of it.