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Could anybody help me find a gearbox oil cooler for a 1990 Renault 5??

Hi badger! How's about getting hoses and fittings via speciality-shop,Have them cut hoses to lenght and crimp on fittings for a 100% superb fit.
Also ther's a good choise of aftermarked coolers long/thin/double/fat/large and small to make it fit the space available (Derale/Lockheed etc.etc.) Bike-coolers ar small and easy to find place for.Remember getting an old orig one you would (best) need to renew the hoses as they tend to dry up and develope cracks and leaks..OR you might try Demon Tweeks (expensive) or other more general auto-part shops like Halfords (cheaper)etc -Reid.


AKA Paul Cunningham
lancing west sussex england
this is for auto box originally aluminum
supposed to have been foc modded to stainless steel years ago needs longer bolts to suit
I may be able to help find parts but if it has failed then gearbox won't last long once contaminated with water even if flushed and oil changed twice
message me for more info