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Cranking cuts off after 6 seconds .... (Clio 1.2 2001)


New Member

I just wondered if anyone else has had this problem. I've had a few instances of this happening - I turn the key and the engine tries to turn over but the stops. On a couple of occasions it has started eventually. But, on two occasions I've had to call the AA.

The engine was started again by:

1st time: disconnecting and reconnecting the battery and blipping with the key
2nd time: cleaning the earth and blipping with the key

Renault want to charge me for a diagnostic but I was hoping that someone might know the fault. AA have seen this problem numerous times and information is on their onboard laptop - supplied by Renaul technical. And yet Renault dealers insist on diagnostic - as they say it is not a common problem.

Chris H

transponder ring aroudn the ignition barrel. 2001 shoudl be transponder keys and not the early rolling code plip immobilisers.

Its not uncommon for the connections to play up especially if someone plays around with the steering column height, like 2 drivers changing etc.