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Whitley bay
Hi. I have a LHD R4 on a B plate (1984) next year it should have historic status - problem is the V5 shows it as a 2001 car based I presume on the date registered in the UK. How can I get a date certificate to proved the year of manufacture? Appreciate any help , thanks

There is a section on the V5 for the date of manufacture. When I registered my lhd in the UK, I supplied the DVLA with the original French log book and they transferred the date of manufacture to the V5 from the French document.
I had the same problem with a 1961 Skoda I found in a garage, which had slipped off the D.V.L.A.'s records and had since been re-registered with a non date-specific registration number. The Skoda Owners' Club were magnificent in assisting me, as they-and I suspect most classic car clubs-have a member who can authenticate the date of manufacture and this is taken as correct my the D.V.L.A. As a result, in my case, the D.V.L.A. re-issued the original registration number (I had the original plate in there boot!) and altered the date of first registration to 1961, as opposed to 1984, which it had been.

If you're not already a member of the Renault Club I would suggest joining and asking for their help-I'm sure it's well worth the fee!
Thanks for letting me know. I did get a dating certificate from a Citroen from the Citroen car club, I will join the Renault owners club like you say it’s probably going to be worth the fee, Cher
Brian Whiteside at the Renault Classic Car Club is the man you need to speak to