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Declare SORN (before it's too late)


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Classic car owners in the UK will be aware that the DVLA has very kindly threatened to fine people £80 if their car is not taxed and they have not declared SORN. (SORN stands for Statutary Off Road Notice).

My MGB had been off the road for 2 years without SORN. I declared SORN about 6 weeks ago, and then a couple of weeks later completed the project and taxed the car.

I didn't get any fines, but wonder if I would have done if I hadn't just declared SORN. I did notice a new computerised system in the post ofice that might be set up to send fines automatically.

If anyone else has a car off the road and is reluctant to declare SORN in case they get a fine - it looks like you'll be OK at the moment - although it's probably best to declare SORN pretty quickly in case the system changes.

Please post a reply here if you have been fined - between us we'll figure out the system and prevent others suffering the same fate.


Mr Jelly

I've just re-sorned my R5 as it happens. Anything that has been off the road for more tham (about) three years doesn't need to be 'sorned' as yet. It only currently affects cars that have been taxed since 2000 / 2001. So if your car runs out of tax, either retax it or do a sorn declaration or you should be getting a fine!