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Difference between?


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Trying to assemble some spare parts & wondered if anyone knows what the difference between the 352 type 10 and the 352 type 110 gearbox is?

Other than the fact that the type 10 was fitted into Europas, are the guts/ratios/dimensions etc the same?

Anyone know of a reference where I might be able to look this up?



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Bedford UK
I couldn't find any good reference on the web, although Rene's Renault Pages suggest the type 352 gearbox was used in the Renault 12 and Renault 20 . Neither of those pages mention the type 10 or type 100. The interweb also suggests it was fitted to the Renault 15 and 17.

None of the Europa pages on the web seem to distinguish between different types of 352 boxes, so I'm guessing the basic layout and fittings are the same. Gear and axle ratios maybe? I can't find the info on the web. I could only suggest phoning Renault dealers (Whitehouse tend to be helpful) or purchasing the appropriate Renault manuals from eBay.