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Door lock barrel

West Sussex
Does anyone recognise this barrel? It has been suggested that it's from a Renault, (possibility an Estefette), but do you think? It's just 10mm diameter (at the section where the tumblers are) and about 47mm long (I'm not sure exactly because the end is broken off). It was fitted to the ambulance back doors on my 1965 Citroen HY which was built by the coach-builders 'Filca France'. (The handle is not a Citroen item). I would be greatful for any help in identifying it with s view to getting a replacement barrel & key. If an exact replacement can't be found, a shorter version might do, as long as it's 10mm diameter: I think I could make up an extension-adaptor piece if necessary. Do any Renault's have 10mm barrels? Thanks.