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Drive-by Car Show in The 4.

Last week I took my 4 to a casual drive-by car show and was featured in a car spotting video by the event organiser. The gist of the event is to just drive past showing your car with some noise and then stop if you want to and watch the others go by. There was a good variety of cars that turned out, some not to all tastes and some driving was a bit... erm... exuberant. But it was a good day out and was a bit of promotion for the Renault 4, with some nice comments by the videoing organiser :laughing:.

Here is when I was featured, again about 20 seconds later and then again at 12mins 36s in!

I will also most likely be going again tomorrow. If anyone's interested the event is at RH5 6AE -Denbies roundabout on the A24 and starts at midday :p. The area around Box Hill is also nice and scenic but parking at the top is pricey.