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Drive shaft/universal joint????


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:cry: Yestersay disaster struck! My lovely R4 GTL started clunking like hell on the near side, especially turning corners, going over bumps or just accelerating. Closer inspection revealed play on the ns CV joint - I think its gone. So far as I can see (from my wrong earlier model Haynes manual) the whole driveshaft caboodle has to be replaced. Please can anyone suggest how I can source the new parts, or could I get away with a second hand drive shaft? Who could do the work? According to the manual there are several R4-specific tools needed. How much will it cost???? I have a sister in France who could send me parts, but I really need to get the car back up and running asap as its my daily commute! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also I noticed one posting talking about leaded and unleaded petrol> Ive been using unleaded but Clementine has worried me! Some garages near me still sell 4 Star. Will that do or do I still need the lead substitute additive stuff? I could really do without a burned out valve!.

Hoping someone can help.

And thanks for the brilliant forum!


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Hi Scruffle, welcome to the forum.

You should be able to source a secondhand driveshaftfrom Liam Jones. See for contact details.

Forget the Haynes manual. You first need to drain about half the oil out of the gearbox. Then undo the big nut in the middle of the front hub (easiest with the wheel still on the ground). Then unbolt the track rod end and upper balljoint (both tave tapered joints so need a ball joint extracting tool). Possiblly the brake calliper needs to be removed as well (to prevent strain on the brake flexy hose). Finally pull the hub away from the driveshaft (the shaft might need a tap to free it off) and then once the shaft is out of the hub pull the shaft out of the gearbox. You won't find any of the pins and clips mentioned in the Haynes Manual - the driveshaft should just slide out.

It's best to use LRP (the new 4 star) or the lead additive in Renault 4s. I've had a couple of burnt valves running on unleaded, but I suspect this will only really be an issue for motorway driving. I still use straight unleaded for bumbling around the local country roads.

Let us know how you get on.



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:D Clementine you are amazing! Thank you so much for that and I'll get on to Liam first thing tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes!