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electrical parts wanted


Before next winter I want to convert my 6v R4 to 12v. I have bought several bits already but here is a list of what I stll require if anyone can help. The car is 1968.

windscreen wiper motor
heater fan
tank sender & fuel guage
flasher unit

also, I am fitting an alternator and think I need a curved adjuster stay.

David M

French car tragic!
12 volts

Whilst it is probably best to use all 12 volt items I have used some 6 volt items in my 1968 van (12 volt)

The starter (6v) spins like a top on 12 volts. Engine fires quickly, so starter is not used for long.

The horn; mine had the town and country twin horns. They pick up volume and urgency on 12v. Again rarely used.

6v Windscreen wipers wipe quickly on 12v but their life-span is limited.

The rest of the items in your list should be replaced, but I, for one, would give the heater fan a dose of 2x power just for the fun of it!

So you can possibly shorten the list for the near future, in the knowledge that some items will need replacement in the medium to long term.