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Bedford UK
I am hoping to implement an alert system where members offering cars for sale can choose to be emailed when an interested buyer responds to their thread. A lot of members don't seem to check for replies, but I need to find a way to avoid sending false alerts if people reply when they are not interested in the car.

To prepare for that could those of us (I know, including me) who are not interested in buying please avoid posting to offer the owner advice or to chat about the car or it's price. There are plenty of other sections on the forum for those discussions.



Hi Malcolm, could that be a section in it's own right, listed under the cars for sale section. That way everyone would know where the discussion about the car is going on. It would also be a good place to publicly dress down shoddy ebay adverts for R4 cars and paraphernalia. Theres always a rich seam of opportunity there!


AKA Paul Cunningham
lancing west sussex england
Maybe make the cars for sale section non repliable to except by original poster to avoid off topic replies
Making sure the advert states the preferred method of contact phone text pm or email
Any discussion to be had between members offering opinions etc could be done separately using a link to forum advert exactly as we do know for ebay or other external links
It is after all up to the buyer to decide how much a car is worth to them and if unsure to then come back to the main forum to ask other members opinion or simply wait for the next advert to appear
It would also help if all members have there location clearly stated on their profile and the advert itself

Paul Narramore

Aylesford, Kent
I find it frustrating when people selling cars don't always notify the rest of us when the car has actually been sold. Also a few fail to respond to emails, although that might possibly be down to me as my email system leaves a bit to be desired and sometimes I fail to receive replies or stuff appears in my junk or drafts files by mistake.