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Front Grille and radiator wanted

Hi sorry if any of you have read this post in the discussion section of the forum but I thought it might be worth posting here for spares!

Recently I had a little bump in Polly my renault 4 and now need some parts for my dad to fix her! I have been very kindly offered a bonnet but now I need a front grille and also a radiator! I think I will probably get a new radiator as clementine suggested as the old ones tend to leak, does anyone have any ideas where I can get a new one? and does anyone have a grille up for sale? heres a couple of pics of Polly
Many thanks

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Try Robert Kay [senior] he may be able to help you . Just mention me ! his number is 01531 670634.i will look into the rad situation for you tomorrow.
I just won a grille on UK ebay but the seller doesnt want to send it to France
If you want I can give you the details and you can have it instead
I have just brought a F6 van full of spares and ahve several grilles in France now