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Front Suspension problem

Hi folks I have a problem which is difficult to describe but would appreciate some help.

1. I have noticed recently that when parked my f4 doesn't sit level. The drivers side (left-side facing forward) is higher. Yes it's French
2. I have just had the tracking checked and my garage said that the Camber on the drivers side is out - the top of the wheel leans inwards. The other wheel is ok.
3. We went out for a drive to find a level car park so we could take some measurements. All seemed ok and the van was sitting reasonably level i.e. +/- 5mm.

4. Now for the bit that's doing my head in - after the van had sat outside my house for 2/3 hours the drivers side had gone to being 20mm higher than giving a noticeable list to starboard.

Anyone know what is causing this, as usual you help would very welcome