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Gearbox linkage...


Slot the white plastic piece onto the black rubber piece before you offer up to the rod and then slide the lip of the rubber around the metal rim of the rod. If necessary use a very small fine flat headed screwdriver to gently lift the rubber lip over the metal rim and work your way round the rim until the lip is fully in place. Be careful not to pierce the rubber. Placing the rubber in hot water or coating the rubber in washing up liquid can help with the process but personally I find it easier to fit dry.
Hello all,

This may be staying the obvious but... the nylon bush on my car had been fitted from underneath, and then popped out again leaving the linkage slack.

Derek at Renospeed advised me to flip the assembly over so the nylon bush was pushed in from above.

This I did and it’s stayed in place since :)

Best wishes, Simon.
Braga - Portugal
Ok, guys... job done!

This nylon bush is larger than the original one... so after fitting it to the rubber mounting, the assembly had to be mounted on the lever from the top.

Heated the rubber and with the help of a small screw driver I managed to push the hole thing in to place. Not an easy job, though! And it's easy to damage the rubber lip. Nevertheless, it's in position.

Thanks again, to all of you, for you tips.


Hi Ricardo

I'm glad you have been able to fit it. This aftermarket bush looks quite different to the original, I have seen these advertised somewhere but as they are different to the originals, I was wondering if you have noticed any change in the smoothness of the gear change with this type of bush?

Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards

Braga - Portugal
Hi, Chris!

I'll say something as soon as I test it.

I suspect that this is an attempt to solve the problem Simon mentioned. Hence the upper face of the nylon bush being larger than the original.

Best regards.