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Hi, I'm the cuddly cat that works behind the scenes at My real name is Malcolm. I've owned Renault 4s for more than 10 years, mostly because they are so practical and cheap to run and insure.

This isn't really a garage either (in the sense of taking cars in for a service). The garage in the title refers to a large barn behind my house where Ermintrude the Renault 4 gets looked after. Having said that, I'm self employed and will do almost anything for money - I'll soon be taking on the restoration of an Aston Martin for a client.

I have a couple of MGs in addition to the Renault. One is a slightly tuned MGA. The other is a highly modified MGB V8 that is in bits more often than not.

Anyway, the forum is a new thing for Clementine's Garage. Please join in and chat about Renaults or anything else you want to talk about.

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