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Hello from France

dreaming mechanic

Hello to everybody
I am 12 years old, I live in France and it is my dream to be a mechanic and restore old cars. My mum and me have wanted a 4l for ages and we have just got one which we hope is going to be great when we have fixed it up.

Unfortunately on the same day we got the car this week our other car broke down and is going to be expensive and difficult to fix so the R4 now has to be our everyday car which is difficult as it needs a new controle technique in 2 weeks time and we're not sure it can pass.

I hope I can get some help and advice from everybody here that seems to know so much. I will ask some questions on one of the other parts of the forum maybe someone can answer them.
Hello and welcome! Whereabouts in France are you? There are some people here who might live nearby and be able to recommend places to get parts for example.

Good luck!
A very warm welcom!. Your dream already came true by buying a R4!

If you need help, just ask on this forum. It has the most friendly atmosphere and knowlegable people you can find on the internet :laughing:
Hello jjad and Jurjenz

Thank you very much for your messages it is really nice of you
This is brilliant for us to find so many nice people that can help as we are just learning. But we love our car already

We live in the middle of france near la souterraine in the creuse. It would be really good if there was anyone nearby interested in old cars especially r4s