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How to place an advert and Guidelines


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It's completely free, quick and easy to advertise cars (and parts) for sale (or wanted) in this section of the forum.

Don't forget to include your contact details in your post

You'll have to register as a forum member, navigate to this section, then press the new topic button (see below). If you are advertising cars for sale then the following pointers may be of help in placing your advert:

Car details
Let us know the year of your car, the general condition, and whether it has a current MOT. If it doesn't have an MOT then say when it was last on the road. Let us know the location of your car (town/country).
Please include the price in the advert - the car is unlikely to sell without a price.

You will get more responses if you add some photographs of the car. You can add photographs when you add or edit your advert. It's pretty easy - you can browse your hard drive, find the photos, then click the add photograph button - see

Contact information
Don't forget to add your contact details. You enter an e-mail address when you register but we don't make this public. It's worth entering your e-mail address or phone number in your advert. E-mail addresses are best entered in the format "clementine at" rather than using the @. This will cut down on the robot spam mails.

If someone from the Nigerian government (that hasn't already been executed or killed in a plane crash) offers you enormous cheque for your Renault 4 and asks you to forward money to a shipping agent then it's probably a scam. Out of interest the scam works because the cheque appears to be credited to your account for a couple of days before it bounces.


The idea behind the for sale section on this site is to allow members to pass cars on to other members without all the hassles of eBay or other car selling websites.

To help avoid eBay and all the other car selling websites could you please not post links to cars on there in this section (unless they are really special cars or you have been to have a look at them and can pass on advice).

To help avoid hassle please don't respond to adverts just to criticise them. Recently I was worried about advertising the lovely Ermintrude on here, fearing torrents of abuse about how she's not perfect. I half thought about giving her a polish and selling her on eBay for more than she was worth, but thought better of it. Other sellers have not been so lucky on here.

For hassle free ads please don't respond if you don't want the car. The ad you don't like will be buried more quickly if you don't reply to it.
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I want to advertise a R4 van for sale (Lincs/Norfolk border)but cannot find any"new topic"button as quoted , to enable me to proceed.I'm no good with computers.


& Clementine the Cat
Staff member
Bedford UK
It's not obvious - first find the section on the left side of the forum home page that is most appropriate for the new thread - that'll be the for sale section in this case.


Then in that section look for the new thread button which will take you to a form where you can post a new thread:


Photos are good in for sale threads. Instructions for adding those here: